Apple Pressing Day Sunday 15 October

We would like to thank everyone, over 70 of you, including a number of children, for contributing to the success of the Fulbourn Apple Pressing Day on Sunday 15th October.
Everyone pulled out the stops by either making teas, donating cakes to keep us going, and by picking or providing apples of course; or by washing, chopping, scratting, pressing, filling bottles, and pasteurising!
Together we produced around 180 bottles of Fulbourn Apple Juice; a fantastic community coming together. It was fewer bottles than the 240 from 2016 but the apples weren’t so abundant this year. This also accounted for the pressing processes coming to a close earlier than last year. There are a small number of bottles of juice left which will be for sale at the Fulbourn Christmas Community Market on December 9th in the Townley Hall, from 2.30pm.
We hope you found it enjoyable and that you’ll come again next year!