Apple Pressing Day Sunday 15 October

From 10.00am to 5.00pm in the Old Stables, Fulbourn Manor.
This will be our sixth apple pressing event – do join us for another great day!
Hopefully some of our regular apple providers will have some for us again this year, but if you have an abundance that you cannot possibly eat or keep, then please let us know. We always need lots! 
Bring apples on the day (in the morning if possible), but we may be able to help pick and/or collect if necessary during the preceding week (we have long-handled pickers for larger trees). Any quality windfalls should be freshly gathered and clean please – those covered with grass or mud are difficult to use. Please let us know in advance if you are planning to bring some apples.
We now have enough bottles for the event. This year we are using some new bottles as well as some recycled ones.
We shall be serving drinks and cakes (including apple cakes) during the day – offers of cakes gratefully accepted. Many willing hands will be needed throughout the day for a variety of activities – washing, cutting, crushing, pressing, bottling, pateurising, labelling etc. – so do come along if you can, even for just a short while. Supervised children are most welcome – we have had helpers and visitors from 2yrs to 92yrs, who have had a great day. If possible, please let us know in advance that you will be coming to help. All helpers (and apple providers) will, of course, take home some bottles.
You are also welcome to just come and watch the action while enjoying a drink and some cake, and go away with a bottle of Fulbourn Apple Juice 2017 for a small donation. Don’t miss it!