About Us

About Fulbourn Forum for community action 

Fulbourn Forum is an organisation inspiring action of all kinds for our community. Led by a small committee, its focus is involving people in action groups for specific projects and events, sometimes in partnership with the Parish Council and other village organisations.


These include promoting sustainability and developing ideas for additional community support. We’re also keen to conserve and improve the built and natural environment in the village, to monitor significant development proposals and to promote discussion on their implications.

Fulbourn Forum’s Constitution states: 

The Organization is established for the community benefit for the following purposes in the area comprising Fulbourn village and the wider parish area, hereinafter referred to as “the area of benefit”:

i) To inspire action to benefit the village and its community.

ii) To be active in the conservation and improvement of the area of benefit.

iii) To monitor and engage with the implications arising from development and other proposals, and their potential effect on the natural and built environment in the area of benefit.

iv) To promote a resilient and sustainable village and community, including consideration of its social, economic and environmental well-being.

v) To encourage and coordinate volunteer activities by residents.

vi) To improve communications within the area of benefit to help ensure inclusivity, especially the involvement of all age groups.

How to get involved

With many projects and new ideas, we need lots of enthusiastic, active supporters. By giving some time and working together, we can all make a real difference, and improve the experience of living in Fulbourn.

Please come along to any of our advertised events, call David Cottee, Secretary, on 01223 880616, or email fulbournforum@gmail.com